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Gordi Our Two Skins full album

Gordi Our Two Skins Full album

Format: mp3, 320k/s

Premiere: June 26th 2020

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File size;: 34,6 MB

File format: Gordi Our Two Skins zip file

Gordi Our Two Skins album songs list:

1 Goodwin’s (Intro)

2 Aeroplane Bathroom

3 Unready

4 Sandwiches

5 Volcanic

6 Radiator

7 Extraordinary Life

8 Hate The World

9 Look Like You

10 Limits

11 Free Association

12 Sandwiches – aO2Sk Mix

Just a few days before the release of their new album “Our Two Skins” this Friday at Jagjaguwar, GORDI releases the final pre-release “Extraordinary Life”! After “Sandwiches”, “Airplane Bathroom”, “Volcanic” and “Unready”, the Australian musician Sophie Payten, as GORDI’s real name is, gives us the fifth insight into her second work. The song is underlined by an ascending chord progression and gentle euphoria – accompanied by the desire to develop as a real love song. To compensate for the isolation and fear that prevail in many songs on GORDI’s new album, “Extraordinary Life” offers the listener a welcome moment of bliss and lightness in the current climate.

GORDI says: “I was standing in a shower in a hostel in Ghent at 2am towards the end of 2017 and I started humming. I started recording the demo in stairwells across Europe while I was on tour with Asgeir and in most of the demo vocals you can hear distant chatter in Icelandic. For all the turmoil and anguish described in the record, this song just sits in pure joy. I like the idea that the ultimate gesture of love is to make someone feel exceptional; like they deserve an extraordinary life. “

After GORDI was recently confirmed as support for BON IVER’s Australia tour in 2021, she will now hold her official album premiere show with her band of four at the Sydney Opera House on July 25, 2020. This will be recorded and streamed worldwide as part of the Opera House’s From Our House to Yours digital program.

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